Winter’s Alchemy

Welcome to Winter’s Alchemy, a sad SimLit story which no one follows for a very simple reason: no one knows about it. I’m a coward and don’t have the guts to tell anyone. (*Not true as of 16th December 2017)

Even if I did though, no one would read it anyway, because who wants to read crappily written SimLit without any screenshots? (I don’t really do screenshots.) If someone is reading this for some odd reason well… aren’t you an interesting one.

So anyway, Winter’s Alchemy is a Sims 4 legacy story that doesn’t really follow many of the rules… rules are there to be broken. It follows the founder, Leo Winter, and his descendants through the generations in some sort of weird alternative timeline; what holds them together is blood, love and alchemy. If I were anybody else I would have put those words on a banner, but I doubt it’d look any good. (I don’t really do banners either.)

Whoever decides to read this is in for a tasty treat of pretentious, nauseating writing with no visual compensation! What better way to spend their afternoon? Honestly, the only reason I started writing this was as a vanity project.

But for if any reason someone does decide to read any of this, and decides not to leave; if they find some sort of meaning behind these words or feels something inexplicable in a good way, that’s more than I ever hoped for.

*Contains minor profanities

Succession laws

  • Strict Equality: The founder may be of either gender. However, only children of the opposite gender to the founder are eligible to be named heir. This repeats itself for the next generation (the next heir must be a different gender than the previous heir) so that each generation will have alternating-genders as heirs.
  • Strict Traditional : To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir.
  • Last Born: The youngest, by order of joining the family, eligible living child is named heir.


1.1 Dead and Buried
1.2 Sofia (The Beginning)
1.3 Sofia (The Middle)
1.4 Sofia (The End)
1.5 The Rainy Season
1.6 Are You Sure?
1.7 Alchemy
1.8 With a Vengeance
1.9 Winter Snow
1.10 Golden Sand
1.11 Libra
Generation 1- Afterword

sig22.1 The Reaper
2.2 Potion of Youth
2.3 Buying Time
2.4 Sinking
2.5 It’s Over
2.6 Voices and Lies
2.7 The Other Reaper
2.8 Undeniable
2.9 Some Day
2.9 1/2 Intermission: Some stories and a goodbye
2.10 Orbit
2.11 Defined
2.12 The Hitchhiker’s Nowhere
2.13 Last Will and Testament
Generation 2- Afterword

새 캔버스3.1 Waiting for Sterling
3.2 Changeling Child
3.3 Premature Aging
3.4 What He Knows
3.5 Insensitive
3.6 Red
3.7 Delirium
3.8 Returns and Endings
3.9 Enough
3.10 Starlight Silver
3.11 Leaving No Regrets
3.11 1/2 Intermission: Yet more stories and a goodbye
3.12 Shadow
3.13 On the Record
3.14 Late (End of the Beginning)
3.15 Late (Beginning of the End)
Generation 3- Afterword

Winter’s Alchemy Screenshots


4.1 See You Often
4.2 When Lonely
4.3 That Other Friend
4.4 Human Tragedies
4.5 Vega, Altair, Deneb
4.6 The Study
4.7 Little Homunculi
4.8 Garden Party
4.9 Hysteria
4.10 The Good Moments
4.11 And All the Others In Between
4.12 Descent
4.13 Smoke
4.14 The World Unravels
4.15 Little Homunculi (Reprise)
4.16 Human Tragedies (Reprise)
4.17 Shine
Generation 4- Afterword

Generation 5
5.1 I Miss You