Chapter 1 || Quoth the Raven “Nevermind” (8)

The car pulled up into the driveway with a screech. 

“Damn Cap, stop abusing the car,” said Alyssa.

“It’s too slow, it deserves it,” said Cap.

Just on time, Elowen came running down the street towards them. “We scouted the entire area, Hosea couldn’t find anything. What about your end?”

“Nope. Nothing in the Afterdark either,” said Cap. 

They quickly approached the house, hoping against hope that everything would have worked itself out. As soon as they opened the door, however, they were greeted not by a solution, but by a gun pointed at them.

“Welcome back,” said the manager. “You can all go out in one fell swoop.”

“Uhm,” said Alyssa.

“What have you done with Rowan?” demanded Elowen.

“You can ask him yourself, when you see him,” said the manager. “Tell him I said hello.”

“Cutting it a bit fine there,” said Cap.

“Oh for goodness’ sake,” Elowen exploded. “Is it too much to ask you boys to not knock people out?”

Rowan folded his arms defensively. “Oh wow, everyone’s a critic. He had a gun, ok? Anyway, there’s no time to waste. I think I know where Lexi Lilly might have gone.”


Rowan pointed to the manager. “He mentioned having a daughter. What if she decided that the best way to get to him was through…”

“Oh crap,” said Elowen.

“And where might she be?” asked Cap.

“We could try around her school. I found a photo and I recognise the uniform. Prestigious private school. Isn’t too far from here,” said Alyssa.

Cap tossed his keys to Rowan. “You drive,” he said. “Alyssa, please hand me the serum.” 

Alyssa frowned, but did as he asked. “You sure?” 

“Yeah. We’re out of options now.

The clouds came out of nowhere. They closed in on the sun, shutting out the light before shedding their rain.

Through the downpour, Veronica Harris could make out a bus shelter. As she sprinted towards it, she realised someone was already in it. She stopped and squinted. Something was wrong.

At that moment, lightning lit up the world, and she could see all too clearly who it was.

“Lexi?” asked Veronica, her voice trembling faintly. “Lexi, is that you?”

The figure in the bus shelter made no reply. Nor did it move.

“I thought you were in hospital.”

“Please say something, you’re scaring me!”

Still no reply. Veronica began to shake. She turned. And ran.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 1 || Quoth the Raven “Nevermind” (8)

  1. I had a feeling that was Lexi’s plan, to get through to the guy by possibly endangering his daughter… the scenes with the storms/screenshots are eerie, and I didn’t notice Lexi appear out of nowhere until I looked twice X_X and now Zeke has arrived, here’s hoping berserk-Lexi won’t hurt him…

    Lovely chapter as always, Creative Corner is pretty dead ATM so I’m glad to see another chapter of this : 3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, instead of hashing things out with her manager, she’s going to terrorise his daughter instead 😬 Very mature, Lexi.
      Zeke is, once again, in a supernatural stand-off. Dude can’t catch a break xD We’ll see her reaction to this intervention next part.
      Yeah, the forums are so quiet lately! I guess people are busy, but I miss the bustle.
      (By the way, it turns out I don’t even have a comment spam folder- it just decided to not tell me I got this comment at all! I don’t get how WordPress figured :/ Sorry for the late reply! And as always, thanks for reading ❤)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Whoa, how did Rowan survive being shot by the manager? Was he a terrible shot? No, that doesn’t seem to be it – he was clearly waiting for them and from the sound of, he thought that Rowan was dead. Oooooooh just what happened there, I wonder? Also, I loved the blurry action shot of Rowan swinging a chair around!

    Aw man, I wonder what Zeke is going to do. I wonder if Zeke knows what Zeke is going to do. He’s a brave teen, that’s for sure. If not for him, the rest would probably have come too late to stop what Lexi is planning to do to that poor kid… 0.o

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It turns out that Rowan had a few tricks up his sleeve! Shame on the manager for assuming he was dealing with anything other than a normal human. Lots of missing info there, hopefully will be revealed soon! Sometime… Also, I’m really glad you can recognise that as a chair, lol.
      Haha, good point, does Zeke even remotely have a plan 😂 He’s actually slightly older than a teen, but only barely. One might say he never got over that phase at all, then again, did any of them really? Once again, he is the only thing between a normal human and an angry supernatural. Life is hard for this dude.
      Thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Somehow, seeing Zeke arrive there does not fill me with relief. He doesn’t know what he’s doing and Lexi is clearly off the deep end if she’s going after the kid.

    I am desperately waiting for another chapter!!!!!


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