Chapter 1 || Quoth the Raven “Nevermind” (7)

“It was you,” said Lexi Lilly. It was all coming back to her. She remembered his face. She remembered the knife. 

“Lexi,” said Cap.

“It was you,” she repeated. “You killed me.”

“Lexi, listen to me,” said Cap. “You’re not dead. You need to stop talking to him directly…”

“Whatever it is you’re trying to do, it won’t work,” yelled the manager. “You can’t use my testimony, I didn’t have a lawyer…” 

“YOU KILLED ME,” Lexi Lilly screamed as she became something else, something dark and full of hate, “AND I AM GOING TO DESTROY YOU.”

“NO!” shouted Cap, but with a brief flicker of lights, Lexi Lilly was gone.

“Where did she go?” asked Rowan, his eyes wide.

“Let’s hope nowhere important,” said Cap. “She might calm down after a while. Elowen, can you send your familiar to scout?”

Elowen nodded, and ran outside.

“This is not funny,” said the manager. “I demand an explanation, NOW.”

“No time,” said Cap. “Believe it or not, you’re in danger. Rowan, stay here and if Lexi Lilly comes back, try talking her down. I’m going to get Alyssa and the serum.”

“The serum?” repeated Rowan, incredulously. “You said you weren’t ready yet.”

“Unfortunately we might not have time to wait.”

Cap burst into the Afterdark as Zeke and Alyssa were talking.

“Cap?” said Alyssa. “Did something happen?”

“We’ve got a problem. The manager was the stabber. Lexi Lilly went berserk, then she disappeared.”


“I’ll fill you in on the way. Let me just get the serum.”

“Wait,” said Zeke, “what’s going on?”

“Can’t explain, don’t have time,” said Cap. “You can stay or go, do whatever you want.” He disappeared up the stairs.

“What’s going on?” repeated Zeke, this time to Alyssa. 

“Remember what I said about your coma self getting stronger? That’s what’s happened. This hasn’t happened since-”

“Come on, let’s go,” said Cap, practically flying down the stairs.

Alyssa turned and left with him, leaving Zeke alone in the empty bar. Well, not completely empty. A cat rubbed up against his leg, the same one from the day before. It looked at him in a strangely knowing way, then began to scratch itself. He heard the muffled sound of a car driving off.

The manager was the stabber? Had Lexi Lilly gone to take revenge on him? Why disappear then?

Something on the bar caught his eye. The photo from before had fallen out of the letter. On the back were the words: ‘29 May 2084 – My girls, my world’.

A creeping sense of horror settled over him. It occurred to him that perhaps the manager himself was not the target.

But the experts had already driven off, and there was no way to contact them. Either way, it was a long shot.

Zeke’s grip tightened on the photo. There was nothing he could do. He barely knew about this world. But even if there was the slightest chance of the kid being in danger… And even Lexi Lilly herself….

Beside him, the cat mrrowed

Zeke gritted his teeth, and ran out of the bar. In his head played his earlier conversation with Alyssa.

Extremely rarely, a sleepwalker goes berserk; a fun name for a dangerous state. They get very, very strong, fuelled by extreme emotion, and in this state, they’re capable of influencing the outside world, and more often than not, causing a lot of harm. Of course, their corporeal self gets very, very weak. 

So what happens when your corporeal self gets too weak?

Duh, dummy. You die.

Rowan looked away for a whole two seconds and when he looked back, he was staring down the barrel of a gun. “Woah,” he said, “let’s not do anything too hasty now.”

From the other side of the gun, the manager smiled, but it looked more like a grimace. “Now you see,” he said, “if I’d really meant to kill her, I would have taken the gun. Unfortunately, I can’t say I mean the same for you.”

“We can talk about this,” said Rowan.

“No need,” said the manager. “When my house arrest is over, they’ll find your bodies far away from here. They’ll never suspect me. My tracker will show that I never left my house…”

“How do you plan to do that?” questioned Rowan, reasonably.

“There’s nothing money won’t buy.” The manager’s finger tightened on the trigger. “It’s me or you. You understand, right? I have a daughter to think about…”

“Why must it be a competition?” said Rowan, earnestly, and he would have said more, but the manager pulled the trigger.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 1 || Quoth the Raven “Nevermind” (7)

  1. Ahhhhh and it ends right here! 😫

    Im super excited to see what Lexi Lily is capable of doing. Or what sleepwalkers are capable of doing if they put their minds to it. But at the same time i dont want her to do it because that would mean she’d totally pass on too. Ahhh is there some way for me to have cake and eat it? 😆 i wanna see the next chapter!

    Also, Rowan! 😧

    I’m super excited to see what Zeke thinks he can do 😃 does he know where to go though. So exciting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I always feel bad for my chapters being so short and far apart… but I’m getting the hang of screen shotting, I promise!
      The situation is dangerous for everyone involved. Is it too late to hope that Lexi Lilly can hold herself back? 😬 If not I guess you can see what she’ll do next chapter, though I don’t know how happy you’ll be about it 😆
      Ah Rowan. He tried deescalating the situation, but it didn’t work out for him. Why is it so hard for everyone to be reasonable?
      Zeke doesn’t seem to have much of a plan does he xD He is definitely going SOMEWHERE, whether it is the right place, we’ll just have to see.
      Thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nah this chapter isn’t short to me! I thought it was packed and full of backstory, action and so many characters. XD It’s good to leave your readers wanting more anyway. (I guess?) Gee I can’t imagine! The poor kid. It’s just a kid! She/he’s innocent! Don’t do it Lily! Ahem. I’ll wait for next chapter calmly as you can see. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh geez, that was terrifying! Shut up, manager, nobody wants to listen to you now – we have a vengeful spirit on the loose that has a bone to pick with you and everything you love. I wonder what the “serum” is that they’re talking about – is it a way to get her back to normal?

    “Remember what I said about your coma self getting stronger? That’s what’s happened. This hasn’t happened since-”
    Since what? Who went berserk and what happened? Gaaaah there’s something big there, I just know it!

    Oh for crying out loud, manager! Nooooo Rowan 😱

    Ah fudge – so Lexi really did go for the girl. That is all kinds of twisted – to be full of rage and yet want to hurt not the person that hurt you, but an innocent bystander, just because it will make the object of your anger suffer. I wonder if it’s Lexi going berserk that’s making her act like that, or if it’s Lexi herself, and the rage and anger is amplifying it. They seem similar but they’re very, very different.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, shut up, manager! Dude is completely out of the loop here, and honestly, he deserves it.
      Aah, the serum, Cap’s secret weapon. Hopefully no backfire, like everything else this gang has tried! It’s effects may vary wildly. Fingers crossed for whatever may happen…

      Since what indeed? It might take them a little while to talk about that incident, but it is a pretty big deal in their line of work. They’re gonna have to set their ‘no accidents since’ timer down to 0 now 😦

      Manager really didn’t give Rowan a chance, did he? I guess this ain’t his first rodeo.

      Yup, unfortunately, Lexi isn’t in the best mental space either. Nothing that happened is the girl’s fault and Lexi is lashing out at the wrong person. Going berserk definitely means Lexi isn’t thinking straight. Is there a small part of her that would have done it before that? We may never know…


  3. Oof, there’s so much going on! I wonder what this serum is! I do kind of love how none of them were paying attention to the manager, haha. Though I will say that them bringing Lexi to confront him, even though they didn’t quite know it was him that did it, was pretty much begging for her to confront him like this, they should have seen that coming – some professionals they are, tsk tsk 😀

    This hasn’t happened since what? Argh, Alyssa, don’t leave us hanging like that. Since Alyssa first became a sleepwalker, perhaps? Her coma self is definitely very strong.

    Oh damn, that got dark very quickly. I suppose we do know very little about Lexi’s personality and what she’s actually capable of. Oh boy.

    Double damn, the manager is not wasting time. Oh craps. I wonder if Rowan will become another sleepwalker…

    Aaand, menacing ending. Dang. This chapter had such horror vibes. And it all took place on a lovely sunny day. I do love me that contrast.

    I guess there’s some hope with Zeke running off, though would he know where to go to find Lexi? Debatable. But I’ll hang on to some hope anyway.

    I really like the U-turn you’ve done with Lexi in this chapter, obviously at the beginning of the story we see her pretty sympathetically, but ultimately, as I said, what do we really know about her? If her first instinct in this situation was to go after an innocent child for revenge, well, that says a lot 😐

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha you’re right, so much is going disastrously wrong 😂 With all the badness happening, I’m sure they thought the manager was the least interesting aspect. It just goes to show these ‘professionals’ are barely adults.

      Since what indeed? Alyssa is in a relatively stable state, though her power is nowhere near explosive as what Lexi’s is at the moment. Then again, we don’t know what she’s been through since she first went into a coma. Maybe in another few chapters, she’ll be able to tell that story without Cap hurrying her along.

      Ooh, I like the idea of horror in a sunny setting. Reminds me of the movie Midsommar, where it’s nice and bright and everyone is getting murdered. You know how breaking off from the group means you’re the first to die, I guess that’s why Rowan got shot. That doesn’t bode well for Zeke… then again he’s trying to run straight into the line of fire, so that’s probably to be expected, lol.

      Lexi is going through a lot right now, but you’re right, it doesn’t justify trying to hurt a child for revenge. She is rather beyond reason at the moment. To be fair though, she has yet to shoot someone 😬

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh damn! The place Lexi went… LOL. She’s scary, but it shows she was so so pissed… I mean I can’t blame her, nearly being killed and then falling into coma would piss someone off, it’s just that most people don’t get the chance to do anything about it after.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Things are… pretty yikes 😂 Lexi Lilly is definitely not happy with all these discoveries being dropped on her. I’d be pretty pissed as well. Hopefully not murderous, but I’ve never been in that situation xD
      Thanks for reading!


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