5.1 I Miss You


“Mr Winter, your child is a menace.”

I tapped my fingers on the desk, stalling for time- a habit I fell into so often that my own tapping began to irritate me. Pretending to be unfazed by Alistair’s scowl, I tilted my head and smiled. “Which one?”

“You know which one,” he snapped, and of course, he was right.

I sighed. “He’s just a child. I’m sure he’ll outgrow it.”

“That’s what we’ve been hoping for several years. It is getting out of hand. Just last night-”

“I’m tired, Alistair, can’t this wait until later?”

Alistair took a deep breath to continue, then decided against it. “Fine.” He left, his steps making hollow echoes across the floor. The door thudded behind him.

I sank into my chair, letting it swallow me. It had always been far too big for my stature, but I felt especially dwarfed now.

Beside me, Aunt Vega laughed.“I’ve never seen an employee more impudent,” she said. “You should fire him.”

I sighed. “I can’t. He knows far too much.”

“That is why you should not employ those you can’t be strictly professional with.”

“I always thought you had a thing with our butler,” I teased. “Before-”


I stopped myself just in time. My thoughts were wandering into dangerous territory, and I tore them away.

Aunt Vega continued if nothing had happened. “He does have a good point, however. That child of yours IS a menace.”

“He’s a handful, I know. But it’ll get better, I’m sure of it.”

We fell silent. From my window, we could see people below in the gardens. The flowers were in full bloom. They played among the leaves, my children: Spica, Rigel and Antares, each a perfect mix of me and Alistair.

“Aunt Vega,” I said.


I opened my mouth to say something different, but the words flooded into my mind, the three words I never meant to think-




“Wait,” I cried, but it was too late; Aunt Vega was gone, banished from existence by my acknowledgement of her absence, and I was left alone with my regret as I lamented the slow loss of my mind.


I’m back 😀 Here’s to another horrible generation!

P.S. If you recognise the names Spica and Rigel, it is because they are now living out their lives in LegacySims2017’s Plain ol’ Legacy.

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2 thoughts on “5.1 I Miss You

    1. Yup, this is Spica! She is a very special sim to me, I regretted that I never got to follow her story so I’m happy she’s living her best life somewhere else.
      Deneb and Alistair have hit a rough patch. Hopefully one they can pull through on!


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