Chapter 1 || Quoth the Raven “Nevermind” (2)

“So, what does it feel like to be in a celebrity’s house?”

“Cold. The space is too wide and the floors are all tile.”

“Mm. Have you found the bedroom?”

“Nope, still on the third floor. Moving down now. Will update when we get there.”

“Got it.”

Lexi Lilly’s house was not built with comfort in mind. It had been designed by some famous architect and was worth a fortune, but the end result was grey and lifeless. Between the lackluster design, Lexi Lilly’s ‘minimalist’ decor and the copious amounts of dust, the house was quite unappealing, even with its size.

“Who thought light-up stairwells were a good idea?” mumbled Rowan as he walked. “Why is there not one comfy chair? And why… Ooh, here’s some colour…”

The first floor was much the same. “Okay we’re on the first floor now and… what on earth is that hideous centerpiece?”

“Focus please.”

Cap chuckled at the disapproval in Alyssa’s voice. “Look I’d love to, but sometimes something is so ugly it’s distracting.”

Rowan sidled up next to Cap. “Damn, why would anyone put up with this atrocity?” he asked.

“Probably the need to show off,” Cap replied. “I’d know.”

“Hmm. L.L. didn’t really seem like the type but I guess a celebrity’s gotta celebrity. Is it just me or does this house not give the happy vibes?”

“Oh you’re a Feng Shui expert all of a sudden?”

“Ladies,” called Elowen from their right, “I think I found the bedroom.”

“Huh,” said Cap, “I thought it was a bathroom, considering the glass door.”

“I’m sorry, in what world do bathrooms… what…” 

“Well in what world do bedrooms have glass doors?”

“A better world than what you have in mind, you pervert-”

They were interrupted by Rowan’s laugh. “First and foremost, the bathroom door is also glass,” he said. “Also, guess what? I found it. Bottom right drawer.”

Elowen let out a breath of relief. “That’s good. I wonder what it is that she’d pay so much for us to retrieve.”

“If I had to hazard a guess, it’s something she doesn’t want on that documentary by Skybiscuit,” said Cap. “Doesn’t matter. We’re done and dusted.”

“Done and dusty, more like. If I’d known it’d be this easy I wouldda just stayed back at the Afterdark,” said Rowan.

“Uhm guys, a car’s just pulled up into the driveway.”

Elowen elbowed Rowan. “Good going, you jinxed it.”

“A dude’s getting out. He’s heading for the front door.”

Moments later they heard the sound of the front door opening- whoever it was knew the password. The newcomer fumbled for a while, pulled his phone out of his pocket, and turned on the built in flashlight. The crew, peeking through the bedroom door, watched as he began to move cautiously around the room.

“Who is this clown?” whispered Rowan.

“No clue, but he’s kinda blocking our exit route,” Cap whispered back.

“You mean, he’s honking around our exit route in gigantic red shoes.”

Elowen gave a quiet groan. “Oh please, I really do not want to have to port out today. I am so damn tired. I have exams on Friday.”

They fell completely silent as the man approached. He was heading towards the bedroom door, the torchlight sweeping the tiles barely meters away from them.

“Get ready to split,” Cap mouthed to the others. 

Suddenly the man whipped around wildly and shouted “Who’s there?” Immediately, ear-piercing wailing rent the air, coming from all directions at once.

“And look, he got near the vault and set off the alarm,” said Cap with a roll of his eyes. “I knew it was going too well.”

“Uhm, guys?”

Cap shrugged. “You all know the drill. Split.”

They split. If the police had arrived just a minute earlier, they might have seen three shadows in the bedroom disappear into thin air, but alas they had not, and so they did not.

With the wave of her hand, Elowen made a neat fold in the fabric of space and stepped through, emerging on the other side in a brief burst of energy as it snapped back into its original state.

As her feet touched solid ground, her knees nearly gave way. She took a deep breath of the familiar Britechester air. The secluded corner of the park no one ever visited at night was still soggy. Behind the bushes was a hoodie she had stashed weeks in advance. With trembling fingers, she found it and pulled it on.

The world swam in front of Elowen’s eyes as she stumbled up the stairs. She had teleported too far, not taking into account how far Del Sol Valley was from their usual locations. Then again, she hadn’t thought she would have to use it tonight… If she had she would have set up another waypoint closer to the target. 

Although it was well past midnight, youths still roamed the streets of Britechester. Drunk people, sober people, students, part-time workers; you could find them all here. 

There were plenty of other people she could have run into, but it was just her luck she ran straight into the one person on these streets that had bad mojo with her.


“You again.”

Hi all, I’ve decided to update on weekends from now on so I can pull last-clutch all nighters without having to wake up for work the next morning. Thank you all for your patience, hope this answered some questions… xD

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 1 || Quoth the Raven “Nevermind” (2)

  1. So much mystery! Let’s see, first off I wonder if that painting/poster is relevant, since you draw our attention to it and it is so wildly different from everything else in the house. Secondly, I echo the gang’s ponderings about what it is Lexi Lilly had them retrieve and why it’s so important. I’m sure we’ll get an answer to that one soon.

    And the dude… who is he, and why is he there? His awkward entrance and him using a flashlight would suggest he is not just Lexi’s friend there to water her plants while she’s in the hospital 😆 Though I’m not sure if he’s just a conventional burglar. My bet is he was there to recover the exact same thing as our group of students (do they have a name as a group? I keep wanting to call them kids, but then this is obviosuly not Scooby Doo, haha).

    Ooh. Teleportation! Are all of them capable of it, and each teleported themselves, or was it Elowen that teleported them all? I’m going to assume it’s individual teleportation since she’s the only one who appeared in an unplanned location – not that we know where the other ones “landed” quite yet. And look at that, 2 meet cutes in the space of a day for these two. Must be a sign 😊😇

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I couldn’t resist showing the poster off, it was designed by my roommate and I think it looks awesome! I just admitted that it’s important, didn’t I? 😂 Hopefully it’ll make a comeback with better resolution and some more answers… hehe. As for the package, it sure seems like more trouble than it’s worth. Well they get to find out what’s in it? We’ll see 😀

    Yup, this weird dude with his gym outfit and mask and stiff walk… (why is the default sims walk so stiff??) Why so suspicious? He might just be here to vacuum the floors! He knew the password after all. Unfortunately he did not know about the alarm 😦 Or the fact that he wasn’t alone. Our main crew are all over 20 so not kids per se, but they do plenty of dumb things so they may as well be. I call them the Cap Squad, but honestly, they may as well be the Scooby Doo gang, minus the talking dog. (They DO have a cat, however.)

    So far we’ve only seen Elowen teleport herself, which is unfortunate as it means no studying for that Friday exam tonight. Hopefully the other two are having a better time, even if they’re not having meet cutes! Though I doubt either of them think the meet was cute xD

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  3. I wonder what they were in that house for. It’s important enough to send multiple people after it, so it must be something big. Also, was that Lexi’s security guard sweeping the place because something tipped him off that they were there, or was this a guy who also wasn’t supposed to be there? Seeing how he tripped the alarm… Hmmm. Need more answers. Next chapter, please! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry for the late reply!
      What could at least two parties be after in Lexi’s house? It’s not just last night’s shopping, that’s for sure. Is Lexi’s security guard really going around tripping alarms in his client’s house? Why is he pulling up in the middle of the night with a torch? Why do I never have enough answers??
      Hopefully the next chapter will have some answers, I always cut them arbitrarily so I’m not sure how much will make it in 😅
      Thank you for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love the details you put into describing Lexi’s house! I agree about minimalist stuff, there’s something about it that just seems cold. Oh that girl is a magic student.. and there’s Zeke again… I like the mystery. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love the world-building. So portaling is not so easy, huh? Bad for Elowen. Good for her new friend (who she doesn’t want lol).

    LOL good use for that horrific Del Sol Valley build.

    Also, what is that guy doing in the house? Maybe he’s after the same thing they were sent for…


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