4.12 Descent


You left me on the edge of the stairs, looking down.

The void awaits me, warm and enticing. It is so cold up here, so dreadfully cold.

When you left a hole opened up from under my feet. It swallowed me. I never emerged since. Wherever you are, I assure you it’s better than here. 

There was no one on my side tonight. They each in turn showed their ugly colours, each display of poison more lurid than the last.

The butler who raised me.

Your siblings, always acting like they are above everyone else.

Even my own son, whom I bore, raised and loved for nineteen years.

Traitors, the lot of them. Traitors to me. Traitors to your memory.

Worst of all, the creature, the one who took you from me. Walking where you once walked. Sitting where you once sat. Her hands brushing over the pages you treasured, staining them, defiling them.

And the whole time I’m wondering







to face them alone.

They look at me, and they have your eyes.

Your eyes condemn me.

I turn away from them. I turn towards the stairs. So warm. I just wish it weren’t so dark.

But I can change that.

You would try to stop me, if you were here. But you aren’t.

You left me on the edge.

Now I descend.

Very short chapter because I am incredibly sleep deprived. My darling puppy cries at night. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep myself awake at work next week, and until then, stay safe everyone.

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