it’s been a while

It’s a little over two years that I left this blog, and so many things have happened since then. I got my Master’s degree. I got a job. I moved out. I got my full driver license. I got promoted. I found what I think might be my calling in life (fingers crossed). I quit my job for another one. I stopped writing altogether.

Things haven’t been completely silent for the blog either- September shows a sudden spike in traffic, with views showing from all over the world. Their purpose of visit is unknown. I am scared.

When I stopped writing I stopped reading all SimLit as well. Some stories I loved have marched on without me, but so many more stories have stilled. Some blogs have even been deleted altogether. If I had known they would not be there forever, I would have loved them harder while I still had the chance.

I feel that with a lot of things.

I have been busy. I took up some new hobbies: D&D, 3d modelling, 3d printing, cross stitching, and most recently, tap dancing. My new job keeps me on my toes and current events keep me restless.

But in the end, I’m back because I missed writing. I missed the community. Like a legacy story, the cast is ever changing but you keep on loving. The community is full of new stories to enjoy. The game is brimming with things to write of.

So I’m back. I probably won’t promote anything on forums, at least for the time being anyway, but I’m looking forward to catching up on old SimLits and starting new ones. Interacting with new and familiar faces. And writing, of course. Writing and creating.

Well would you look at that! WordPress just told me this is my blog’s 3rd birthday. What a welcome coincidence. I can think of no better day than to return to this blog.

If anyone is still here,

See you soon.

– Chalice ❤

15 thoughts on “it’s been a while

      1. I’ve been well! I haven’t been writing Simlit much lately. I’ve been focusing on original comics and stuff. I got pretty far on a legacy that I planned to pick back up sooner or later though.

        I really enjoyed reading and discussing your story as well! You did such a lovely job of capturing the world your characters were living in and making the reader really connect with your characters. I look forward to seeing your new work.

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  1. Congratulations on your master’s degree!!!!!! That is super exciting news since I haven’t even finished one degree yet so a master’s is very impressive to me. 🙂 And welcome back. I’ve been in and out myself for the past year and a half-2. I’m just starting to really go around and catch up on still active blogs and try to get mine active again as well.

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    1. Oh my goodness!! It’s The Plumbob!! I’m such a fan of your stories, I’m currently re-reading the Bloomer Legacy! Thank you for dropping by ><
      I'm going to be continuing my current legacy, right now I'm trying to jog my memory of what happened by going through old saves 🙂


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