Generation 3- Afterword

Ok so. Where do I begin? This generation was a sinkhole. I tossed stuff into it- ideas, time, effort, etc. and it would eat them up, plop, plop, plop and they would disappear. NIGHTMARE. So I am inordinately happy I got here.

First, about that ending: There is a lack of cars in Sims 4, so Taurus did not really get hit by a truck. I was playing around with the game, some visitor died on the lot and the Reaper was visiting, Iris went into labor, then Taurus himself died. I wasn’t too upset. I had heirs after all, not quite born yet but heirs nonetheless (which is probably against the rules but whatever).

Then after the whole situation ended- after the reaper left and the twins were born (oh come on, twins? Seriously?)- something unexpected happened. I started to cry.

This wasn’t even my first sim death! I hadn’t cried for any of the previously deceased sims. This was absolutely ridiculous. I wasn’t even remotely sad five minutes ago. Was it because he was the first sim to die that I raised through toddlerhood? Or because he was the first to die of anything other than old age? Maybe it was because it was too sudden. I will never know. Either way, I cried my eyes out that day.

Secondly, I finally made the banner for generation 3. Goodness why did it take me so long? I am so lazy.

새 캔버스

Also, the updated family tree:


Last but not least, I got a thoughtful question from Simscognito, and I thought I’d post the answer here. This is stuff that really should have been explained in the actual story, but I failed to get it across- that’s all on me.

Question: “Can the Reaper change anyone’s fate to suit him?”

Answer: “I always thought that reapers, being the blue-collar workers they are, have some sort of higher power they answer to and who gives them their lists. Now if they don’t keep to their lists, they get into trouble with said higher ups. So Jerk Reaper is in for it now. I guess he could argue that his deal was a good deal (“Please sir- it was for the good of the office”) but either way, he overstepped his authority here. At least he tried to make it look like an accident.

As for why he did it, yes it made his job easier. But I don’t think he would have done it for anyone that’s not Taurus. He won’t admit it, but he did it out of loyalty to his dead (?) friend. Taurus’ number 1 role model was always Grimmie, and even until the end he is on his mind. Jerk would have seen that too and, begrudgingly, helped Taurus follow in his father’s footsteps. (Not a stunt he can pull often, because he might lose his reaper job and never pay off his reaper student loan and his reaper rent.) It’s the same for why he didn’t nab Taurus a while ago. Can’t do that to your bestie’s son, and also… reaper rent.”

Whoo, that got long. I’m going to be taking a little break from Winter’s Alchemy to write that other story of mine (it’s on this blog, if you want to check it out), but I’ll be back soon for the next gen.

Thank you all for reading, and see you in Generation 4!


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8 thoughts on “Generation 3- Afterword

  1. This is a great post and I totally understand crying over a beloved sim. I was surprised to see him go, but he chose the sacrifice and I respect that. That’s a really good question/answer. Very enlightening!

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  2. When they unexpectedly it’s the hardest. I always get so attached that they idea of a Sim passing is hard. There just digital files but they’re your digital files and if they don’t live out a full life it’s like you failed. …I always cry immediately, heck I cry when I get an announcement that a pre-made passes….I’m such a crybaby.

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