3.14 Late (End of the Beginning)


It was Iris that put me straight. It made sense, really. She was always the one keeping me from getting carried away.

She told me, with her calm reasoning, that the Reaper had no reason to tell the truth. “Even if it’s true we still have time,” she said. “This is only our first child, and if death is not set in stone, it means it can be changed. We can change it.”

I felt better.

It wasn’t easy to let go of the foreboding, but over time it got washed away with clear-headed logic and with life and its normality.

Since then, Vega turned down a proposal from a gentleman she knew from the café downtown. For a while I was concerned that she was still waiting for Sterling, who was recently divorced. But she assured me it was only because she did not see the man as anything other than a friend, and I believed her.

Altair’s move date to Brindleton was finalized, around two months after Iris’ due date. I suspect he is going later than he needs to so he can see the baby before he leaves. The baby whom I am nervous yet excited to meet.

As for the Reaper, well, I hadn’t seen him in months.

How could I stay worried?


By unfortunate timing, I was at my clinic still closing up when Iris went into labor early. The call came from Vega, who had already called the midwife. I was the one running late, it seemed.

Everything turned into a mad rush. I hurried out of my office, leaving the ‘CLOSED’ sign hanging crookedly from the door.

Out on the street, I yanked open the car door and pulled myself in- and almost fell back out.

For the Grim Reaper was in my passenger seat.


Next chapter is the end of generation 3, and it’ll be out… probably tomorrow 🙂 Thank you all for reading!


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