3.12 Shadow


The liquid inside the cup looked deceptively like Darjeeling. But instead of Darjeeling’s characteristic musk, it tasted of stirred embers and liquid light- the taste of life.

Since my wedding, I’ve been going through my mother’s book, her magnum opus. Every detail of research on alchemy spanning centuries condensed into one this one book.

It wasn’t perfect, of course. In the margins I supplemented some incomplete information, unfinished research and flawed theories.

It was professional curiosity as a doctor that led me to concoct the potion of youth. Even if it was not a viable method of longevity for the human race as a whole, I couldn’t help but be fascinated in the substance- especially as the one who had optimized the formula had been my very own grandfather. If only I had more of it. I could have experimented its effects on other living beings.

Making a note to myself to look into the curious nature of the plant growing in the back yard, I took another sip from my cup. It definitely didn’t have the same relaxing effect as tea but it would have to do. Still, my mind wandered.

For the past year or so, everything had finally begun to settle into a routine. Married life, the clinic, family matters. Some changes were on the horizon: Altair, along with Nia and Aria, were planning to move overseas to Brindleton. I would miss them when they leave. My brother admitted with a grudging smile that he would miss me too. But we would be able to visit each other quite often, I reckoned. The move wasn’t until next year anyhow.

I put the cup down.

It was that moment when I saw something fleeting out of the corner of my eye. Something out of place. Something unwelcome.

He was standing far below on the street, looking up at my window. From where I sat, he was only a distant smudge of shadow, but with the instinct built into every living being I knew what he was.

The Grim Reaper.

He saw me staring. He waved.

Then he was gone, like the shadow he was.


Fun fact: Iris is the granddaughter of Elsa Bjorgsen, and happens to be the heir of the Lighthouse. See, I got that house in the end! Or I would have if Sims had inheritance laws… Hehe.


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