3.11 1/2 Intermission: Yet more stories and a goodbye

Hi everyone! So this is just another interlude in which I talk about stuff outside the story. I write these so later I can remember all the associated stuff that never made it in. xD

I felt bad because I sent off Libra and Grim so abruptly, but whenever I thought of their exit it always happened like this. Typical me to cut out the important stuff. Anyway that’s why I’m writing a few words here.

I am always sorry to Libra. Her story, I feel, is overshadowed by Leo’s. His secrets, his doubts, carried over to the second generation. Libra Winter was the first Sim I followed from birth to death. As she grew up I was delighted with the traits she rolled: creative, music lover and dance machine. In short, Leo’s three traits exactly. Her personality and hobbies, though, she seemed to take after Yuki. Direct in their words and actions, moving purposefully.

When I reimagined Libra’s sim, her personality helped me imagine how she’d go about in this pseudo-historical world. The time period is quite hazy and I haven’t kept up with the exact timeline, but I imagine she lived at the time of the women’s suffrage movement (which took place for our world in the late 19th century). Libra would have been quite invested in this cause, I think. She isn’t one to sit and take injustice done to her, especially since she was raised by a somewhat non-conforming mother. I didn’t mention this explicitly in the story I don’t think, but it’s the kind of random background fact that makes it into an intermission. xD

I can’t remember any ridiculous stories while playing Libra. First and foremost, it’s been a while since I played her, and second, I was much more used to the game by then. No more random mistakes! Though I miss the days I did the stupid things. I did have a cowplant around that time. Some of the family members took a trip down that gullet once or twice (but nothing permanent, thank goodness).

Now a random fact about Grim! The guy really, REALLY liked watching cooking shows on TV. Since reapers don’t need to eat, he never cooked a meal but his cooking skill was maxed out just by watching that one TV show. He became like Gordon Ramsey after watching years’ worth of Master Chef.

That’s all the background stuff about those two. Weird to think they won’t ever appear in the story anymore. But surely as stories extend beyond the pages of a book, their story will extend beyond my meager words written here.

Sometime, somewhere, they’ll meet again.


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3 thoughts on “3.11 1/2 Intermission: Yet more stories and a goodbye

  1. I love the game facts. Obviously not to rag on your story but the weirdness of the game completes them a little. The image of her being like Yuki to Grim being a couch potato watching three seasons of MasterChef in a row when he’s sick (certainly not taken from experience no sir) is a delight.

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