3.8 Returns and Endings


The war blew over as quickly as it started. It made sense, I guess. Something that started as a mere whim of someone high and removed, a whim as flighty as a flip of a hand, can be undone just as easily. For them at least.

The rest of our family back at home awaited the return of Altair and Taurus. There was no sign of them yet. In the meantime, life at home went on like normal. I helped my mother cook dinner. I watered the garden with my father. And of course, I sat by the stream side and listened to Sterling’s latest troubles.

Nothing ever changed in Sterling’s world. The same problems went round and round but with different names attached to them.

“I’m not really ready to settle down with Anna,” he said. “I don’t think I’m in love with her.”

I barely managed to conceal my exasperation. “What is she then, a friend you kiss on occasion?”

“To put it simply, yes.”

“I think you know what you should do,” I told him, my temper rising. “You just don’t want to do it.”

“Actually, I have no idea,” he said.

Round and round, with none of us getting any wiser.

“You’re talking to the wrong person, Sterling. You should be talking about these things you’re your fiancée. Not with me!” It’s not fair to me, I added to myself.

I realized I was tired of him. I’ve been tired for a long while now. How long ago has the flutters of my heart dulled away to nothing? It used to pound so hard around him but now when I looked into his perplexed face I could feel it beating out only dust.

Something moved on the edge of my vision and I turned. Behind me, Sterling started to say something, but I ignored him. Two figures were walking up the road. They were bedraggled and worn, and one walked with a slight stagger, but both were achingly familiar.

“They’re back! My brothers are back!”

That was the first time, I think, I left him without saying goodbye. I ran from the stream side, tears blurring my eyes and blood rushing in my ears, and threw my arms around my brothers.


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5 thoughts on “3.8 Returns and Endings

  1. Yesss Elizabeth is actually seeing sense in my personal opinion… although, I wonder if Sterling actually has feelings for Elizabeth? Either way, Elizabeth has made the right decision to forget about him. XD

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