3.6 Red


The war hit our town like a hurricane.

For months it loomed on the horizon, menacing and grey, but approaching with the unstoppable force of nature. We, in our small coastal town, trembled with anxiety and anticipation. Our family was no exception. It was the elephant in the room- though no opinions were openly voiced, we were all thinking about it.

I would sign up, of course. Who else in my family would? The idea of my father, quiet and non-confrontational, killing people was simply laughable, even if it was for the greater good. Taurus, too, soaked up everything our parents thought like a sponge. I would be the one to serve, to do my duty in this family.

When the war finally did hit our town, I surprised no one by enlisting right away. What surprised everyone was that Taurus did so also, though, in his case, as a medic. Vega would have joined as a nurse too, I think, if it weren’t for that fact that having all three children away at war might be too much for our parents. My thunder was stolen once again.

On the day my new comrades-in-arms and I set sail for the war front, the whole town came to send us off. I remember with great fondness each member of my family waving goodbye to me with tears in their eyes. But the farewell I remember most was the one with my lady, Nia. Her hair was flaming red as was her temper and her lips, and I came away from out last kiss on the docks with my face smeared with rouge. I carefully wiped it off with a white handkerchief and tucked it into my breast pocket, next to my heart.

Good thing I did, too. The unrelenting green and brown murk of this forest was almost sickening. There were times I would have given anything for some other color. I often took out the handkerchief when thinking of home. I thought of my family. I thought of Nia. I even thought of Taurus, somewhere behind us with medical supplies. But it was hard to imagine them too vividly when the rain and sun beat down on everything. Every other color became blanched. The rouge lost its warmth.

By a month in my eyes were begging for some change. Something more than green and brown. And my wish was granted- in the form of a small black grenade, hardly bigger than an apple. It came out of nowhere and bounced down the hill towards us, landing a few meters away. Someone gave a warning cry, but it was too late.

I watched, entranced, as all sound faded away and the world burst into bloom, a gigantic red chrysanthemum. Beautiful.

Then the sound returned, slamming into me, stronger than a gale. The crackling of fire, the shatter of gunfire. Loudest of all, my screams.

The air was choked with smoke.

The world faded to black.


Long time no post, because I’m a lazy bugger ^^;;; But I’m still alive guys! xD


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