3.5 Insensitive


“She wants to see me, constantly, even when I’m busy. It’s starting to get irritating.”

I pushed down the jealousy rising up to my throat like bile, along with every honest thing I wanted to say about his Ruby. Sterling was my friend, and I should try to help him. “Well Sterling, some of us get lonely really easily.” I would know.

“Yeah well.” He casually threw a rock into the pond, and turned away from it, not even interested in the ripples he had caused. “That’s why I’m here hanging out with you. Makes me feel comfortable.” Always throwing rocks, and my heart was the pond.

“So now what?” I said, before the pause got too long. I couldn’t let him know how much his words affected me.

“The usual, I guess. You up for it?”

“You betcha.”

Is it strange that I’m still waiting for Sterling? Years went by and nothing changed, but I’m still foolishly hopeful.


“Why don’t you just tell him?”

I screamed as a disembodied voice came out of the darkness. All the toes on my left foot hit something hard and cornered, and I followed up the scream with a groan. “What the heck Taurus?”

“I was waiting for you to come back,” said Taurus. “Have you told him you like him yet?”

“Argh.” I sat down heavily beside him and proceeded to massage my toes. “Why are you so insensitive?”

“Am I insensitive? Altair is the insensitive one. He doesn’t even realize something’s up.”

“No, I haven’t told him yet. I don’t plan to tell him first, okay?”

“Then you’re not going to get anywhere.”

“It can’t get anywhere. I can’t get between him and Ruby,” I snapped. Anyhow why would he even look at me when Ruby-

“Well you should know you deserve better,” said Taurus. He got up and headed for his room.

“He’s really nice,” I said, but only half-heartedly. It was only in the morning when I realized I had fallen asleep on the couch.


Hi everyone, I feel weirdly demotivated these days so I haven’t been posting. I’ll still try to write but it might be really infrequent, so sorry about that…

Also, if anyone is confused, the three kid’s names are Elizabeth Vega, James Altair and Isaac Taurus. They’re called by their middle names by the family, but everywhere else they use their first names.

7 thoughts on “3.5 Insensitive

  1. Oh dear. I think Taurus is right. Elizabeth should either get over Sterling or tell him how she feels. Although, I do like the phrase ‘waiting for Sterling.’ It reminds me of ‘waiting for Godot.’ So in that sense, keep waiting… I can’t get enough of that phrase! hehe… XD

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Thanks for the name explanation though the dialogue tags helped too. I like Taurus a lot already. He’s just the right amount of mischievous to get in trouble and doesn’t mope around. YET.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aah, yes, young love. It makes poets of us all.
      Hmm, at this point, Vega would be somewhere between teen and young adult, while Taurus would be around 15~16. It’s hard to tell with Sims and their… uh…. spin-aging xD

      Thanks so much for reading, and all the comments! They are very appreciated ❤


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