Generation 2- Afterword

So that concludes generation two. Writing this, I always thought of generations one and two loosely making up the first ‘arc’. The Potion of Youth arc, thereof.

A random thought on those potions of youths. Being a medchem major, I have a few problems about how Leo went about this whole experimental process. Yeah people back then didn’t have FDA guidelines, and they always tasted the thing they discovered (including the guy that discovered cyanide, I heard) but it’s still weird. I mean, did he think a plant model would really translate into a human model?

Also from my roomie (a pharmacy major): “I hope he was wearing his big boy safety goggles. Ya know, good alchemy lab practice and all. What a shame, he could have gotten rich a lot quicker if he hooked everyone in town up with the strong stuff.”

I often think I wouldn’t be in a mess myself, if I’m hooking everyone up in town with the strong stuff. Whatever.

I find that I’m writing this legacy quite differently than if I were to write any other story. I think it’s because it takes place over lifetimes, and the cast of characters always has to rotate, and there’s a constant flow of time that marches on and on and on.

I see the entire ten generations of the legacy as one story, instead of ten individual stories. I write chapters that skip years ahead from the previous one with no explanation, only telling some significant events in their life and leaving out the rest. End result is, there’s not enough time to get to know one character. There’s a strange detachment of the events from the reader. There are so many holes in the story you may as well be reading a sponge.

Yeah I know I can just write more for each generation. But I don’t think I will. The story is about the family as they are battered by time, after all. Thank you all for reading this story despite all its flaws. See you all in generation 3!

5 thoughts on “Generation 2- Afterword

  1. I don’t know… I feel like I’ve gotten to know your characters a lot better than most characters in most legacies. Maybe you just present moments, but you present those moments that depict just who your characters are. I sometimes long for more, but it’s awesome when a work of literature makes us long!

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    1. Ah I’m glad you think so! I wish I could detach myself from the story so I can see it from a fresh perspective. Thank you, always, for reading. I always like hearing what you have to say 🙂

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  2. Wowie, we’re two gen down already?? That’s like, 20% 😀 (thanks for confirming, I cannot math).
    I much agree with you concerning his lab practice. It was…well, CONCERNING!! To say the least. But I mean, by sims logic there ARE always plant sims so perhaps, in some circumstance, the plant model will actually translate??? Would that have MADE a plant sim? Is it ethical to conduct clinical trials on plant sims? Probably not but man, the questions never end! Potions of youth aside, it’s nice that Leo wasn’t a power hungry alchemist. He was a bit obsessive over his work (and who wouldn’t be about a make or break pet project anyhow?) of course but it was nice that he didn’t go malicious with it 😀
    And Libra’s such a sweetie. A sweetie who made a sweetie out of a Grim Reaper i.e. literal death. She’s such a gutsy girl, I love her and they had an adorable dynamic as a couple.
    Concerning formatting and structure and the like, I really enjoy it. It’s not overwhelming with such a large cast of characters (10 gens, plus extras on the side makes a whoooole handful! not to mention some manga that take side characters to the extreme) and we get to see everyone’s little quirks. It’s really quite delightful. If it’s a sponge like you say, then it must be a cake because it’s bite sized and delicious xD
    Anyhow! Onwards to the next gen! I can’t wait to meet them 😀 may they endure all their hardships well, and for many to come.
    Much love, Note.

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