2.11 Defined


Would this last? The question briefly crossed my mind as we walked home together, my hand in his. But I didn’t want to think of the future, I wanted to focus on now. Even if it is irresponsible, I wanted to ignore the consequences.

I was already used to the idea of loving someone no one else could see. I would never be able to tell anyone of his existence. Some may suspect I am delusional or insane. But that would be my fight, my fight for something that will make me happy.

As we neared my house I said, “I can’t keep calling you the Grim Reaper. Then I can’t call you out amongst the other reapers. I’m going to call you Grim Winter, so they’ll know I’m talking about the one special reaper that belongs with me. Is that… is that okay?” I trailed off at the strange expression on his face.

Without warning, he pulled me against him and held me tight.

“…Grim?” My voice came out muffled against his chest.

“Defined,” I heard him murmur.


“Nothing,” he said. “Nothing.” But he said it like it meant everything.


Random character summary, before it gets confusing xD

Leo: That founder dude.

Yuki: The angel that put up with Leo.

Libra: A headstrong young woman and the heir of the alchemy.

Grim Reaper: a.k.a. Jerk Reaper/that rat bastard, that scene-stealing Death with dirty blonde hair.

Grim Winter: a.k.a. the other reaper, the Death that fell in love with the alchemist.

10 thoughts on “2.11 Defined

  1. Finally caught up and I have to say, I love this so much! The characters are so believable and fun to read. 😀 I had actually kind of forgotten that grim reapers were a thing in The Sims 4, so thank you for reminding with those awesome reaper characters! I think the reapers are my favorites (yes, even Jerk Reaper.)

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  2. I’m silently screaming. Que to dinners in candlelight, long walks in the rain [a scythe-umbrella combination? I can imagine Libra asking about it and Grim Winter responding he borrowed it from a Swiss colleague.]

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  3. This is an interesting couple.
    Makes me think, if he loves her, will he keep her around forever? Could he make her immortal, or prevemt other reapers from taking her soul?
    If the reapers live forever, a human life span would feel like a bare fleeting second to them.
    Or can the reapers die in your story, same as humans? Is it just another day job? xD

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    1. To be honest, I have no clue how reapers work xD I have thought of this many times, but I couldn’t come up with a satisfying conclusion so I decided to keep it vague. They’re probably raised in reaper dorms, graduate reaper schools and complete reaper internships to earn their reaper rent and buy drinks at the reaper bar.

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