2.9 1/2 Intermission: Some stories and a goodbye

We interrupt the scheduled program to bring you some unwritten stories of Winter’s Alchemy so far. Once again, you don’t have to read this.

So, being relatively new to the game, I made a bunch of mistakes and did lots of stupid stuff, and it certainly was an experience. Tons of things happened, but I left some episodes out because they didn’t fit with the plot or were just too damn weird.

Like what happened in the Bjorgsens’. Before they gave me the boot, I camped out in their house 24/7. Then one day, they started to show some erratic behavior I never saw in my previous game. Bjorn came to breakfast stark naked. Leo didn’t seem bothered. I thought, uhm, ok, you sure you don’t wanna cover up before your daughters come down? Then Sofia and Elsa came down, and they are also both stark naked. I vividly remember frantically walking Leo this way and that, screaming “Don’t look at Elsa! Don’t look at Elsa!!” I should have taken screenshots of that, just to prove it happened, but there was just something very weird about screenshotting that when I never screenshotted otherwise.

It was just a happening then, a prank a bunch of cheeky semi-nudists decided to play, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder. Maybe it was something else…? What if I had seen the surface of something much bigger and sinister? What if… What if Bjorn was actually a leader of a nudist cult?? He and his two daughters must be in it… the whole family, except for Clara. Under the façade of a perfect family, Clara Bjorgsen is trapped in a cultist family with no means of escape!! Please, if anyone feels anything for this story at all, spread the word. Use the hashtag #FreeClaraBjorgsen to support the cause. Thank you.

Another thing that happened, though definitely not as weird, was Candy once visited the house back when it was two rooms: a bedroom and a bathroom. Made of dry walls, a window and a door. I can’t even remember if there was a roof. She came in a fury and proceeded to demolish Libra’s dollhouse. I’m sure the game coding had its reasons, but I like to think it was because she saw for the first time the squalor her little sister lived in, and was furious at Leo. She would have had a point. I have no idea why I decided not to write about that… hmm. I probably missed the timing.

That chapter with an elder who unfortunately passed away on the doorstep, that actually happened. His name was really Odin too, but I couldn’t remember his last name so I asked my roomie for a random one. None of my sims had ever met the guy before then, let alone had time to build any sort of relationship, yet when he died they all came out and started crying. They were sad for ages. So rest in peace, Odin, who turned up on my doorstep and created mass havoc, causing a jam in the perfectly working clockwork that was my family and making them miserable for days. You will be missed.

Random side note, when I was writing Odin’s death, I went and looked up the average person’s lifespan in the 1700s, and apparently it was 36 in the US. I thought, goodness Leo… I hate to say this… but you should already be… well. Gone by now. Whatever. My story, my rules. I’ll have you live at least another 5 chapters.

Which brings us to… our dear founder, Leo Winter. A bit awkward, a bit weak, definitely not perfect. The dude made a lot of mistakes in life, including but not limited to lying to his family about Very Important Things. Plot-wise, this guy started a legacy, built a two-story house from nothing, and successfully made the potion of youth.

He also set the precedent of the legacy heirs being overachievers, having completed 8 adult aspirations. Good thing they made them easier, because I like obsessively pursuing aspirations and watching them stack up. At the time I felt I went a bit overboard, but further down the line came a certain heir that blew Leo’s achievements out of the water… That is a story for another time.

Anyway, this guy made a lot of mistakes and told a lot of lies, some of which he took to the grave. But I feel that all of that was humane. Humans are weak like that, and they bear the guilt. They carry on. Life isn’t easy, and I like to think that despite it all he was a good person, and that he’s returned to happier times in the afterlife.

On that note, here’s little Leo and his mother. I’ll miss you, Leo. Goodbye.

leo and mom

4 thoughts on “2.9 1/2 Intermission: Some stories and a goodbye

  1. I love your drawing! That’s amazing to have Leo complete so many aspirations! My first gen Sims aren’t that accomplished–I get the super-Sims by gen 6, though gen 5 are also quite amazing! I’m wondering if something similar will happen with dogs…

    Your nudist story is funny! I had something similar in a “Mooch-off-your-Neighbor” challenge I was playing (my story “Drifter”). Jack was mooching off the Landgraabs, and Malcolm kept hanging around completely nude–so inappropriate for the teen! I worked it into the story. It was definitely a bit odd.

    I like your #FreeClara twist! 🙂

    And Leo was a wonderful character and Sim! Thank you for letting us get to know him.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. To think, after using their bathroom, their couch and almost every other facility they had, they kicked me out for using the STOVE of all things xD And now I definitely want to read Drifter, and see how you explained the nudeness!

      Thank you, always, for your comments 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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