2.8 Undeniable


If there is one thing no one can get used to, it is for Death to be living in your house. All my attention was subconsciously directed towards the Reaper. Strangely tense when I didn’t know where he was. Gaze drifting to odd corners of the room when he was close. But maybe this is because I am an old man, set in my ways and too close to the other side. My daughter doesn’t mind him sitting with her when she reads. She converses with him when she tends the garden.

This in itself didn’t worry me. It was the alchemist’s lot, after all.

I worried, constantly, incessantly, that she would find out of my lies. I never got around to destroying the evidence of alchemy, still locked out of reach in the attic. If I were honest to myself, I would have said I was putting it off, but it was too late for me to be honest about anything, even to myself.

Especially myself.

There was no reason to hold off, anyway. I was still sure of my decision.

I was right.

I was right.

I was…

I looked out the window, where Libra sat with the Reaper in the garden. He said something to her with his dry demeanor. She covered her mouth and laughed until her face turned red, and he, watching her, smiled almost shyly.

There it was, the undeniable evidence, the thing I had been denying this whole time. Telling me that I may yet be wrong.

When he looked at my baby girl, what I saw in his eyes was beyond admiration.

With slow trepidation, I climbed the stairs to the attic. I was truly ready now. It was time to put everything in order.

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