1.8 With a Vengeance


The rainy season was back with a vengeance.

Over the past three years I had steadily expanded my shack and reinforced it, so the water didn’t quite manage to drip through the ceiling- instead it kind of soaked into the wood and caused it to rot, despite the treatment it had been given. I’d saved up a fair amount of money though, and as soon as the rain ended I planned to hire contractors to demolish my shack and build a proper house in its stead.

And maybe then…

For the whole past three years, Yuki has stayed with me. During that time I learned far more about her than I have ever known about anyone else. I was closer to her than I have ever been with anyone else. On the days I didn’t go to work, we spent most of our time together. Taking walks in the park, visiting old chapels, or most often, sitting in her sister’s coffeehouse with a book and two cups between us.

Alchemy was always a common interest, but we always had a plenty of other things to talk about. I loved Yuki for the way she listened as much as I loved her for the things she had to say. Conversation was easy between us in a way it hadn’t been with Sofia.

I met Sofia again at a park a few months after I was relieved from the Bjorgsen’s employ, and she surprised me by apologizing about how it had all ended. Ever since then, we had been friends, though it was a sort of wary friendship on my part. The wariness never went away.

I sat at the coffeehouse and waited like I always did, upon a promise Yuki made the day before, one that she never broke: “I’ll be here tomorrow, Sir Alchemist.”

But she never came.

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