1.1 Dead and Buried


The only thing they had left on the lot was the old piece of armor. It was standing at the edge of the empty field, akin to a stone angel guarding a graveyard: too little, too late. Whatever stood here was long dead and buried.

Oakenstead was the family home of the Oaksley family for generations, until the last of the Oaksleys, my mother, passed away when I was eight. My father hit the drink since, and he was long pickled and marinated before I moved out with nothing but spare cash in my pockets and no titles to my name.

Now I was back, once again broke for paying off my late father’s debt. The house had been stripped to the foundations to pay off most of it, and I filled in the rest- the condition to inheriting what was “left of” the “house”.

I looked at the suit of armor. It was not left here, I knew, for its lack of value. In fact, unbeknownst to everyone but me, it was probably more valuable than everything else combined. No, it was left here for a simple reason, and that was that no one had been able to move it past the boundary of the Oaksley land. Oh, they would have tried. I could imagine the effort, the groaning men, perhaps strong horses, all trying to lift the armour away from here, but ultimately, all had failed.

It’s just you and me now, it seems.

The first thing I did, after the wash of unwanted nostalgia had finished breaking over me, was to find myself a job. I got one, too, very easily and without an interview- an amateur entertainer to perform at obscure hours of the night with little pay, and most likely to, at best, an uninterested crowd.

Yes, just you and me.

A final look at the armor, and ignoring the grumbling of my stomach, I curled up in the grass next to the post-box and fell asleep. The entire lot was my bed, and I’d deal with the aftermath of the bedbugs in the morning.

12 thoughts on “1.1 Dead and Buried

  1. “Aftermath of bedbugs!” LOL!

    So, I think this story gains a lot by not having the pics, especially for fans of Sims legacies. We’ve probably read dozens already (I know I have), so having the references with the pics lets me imagine all of the typical screenshots, PLUS, twist the typical ones around so that I can play with them and see them in a different light… like, for example, the way I’d illustrate a Dickens’ novel in my mind!

    I like Leo’s voice, too, and his word choice!

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    1. Yeah, I considered screenshotting many, many times all throughout writing this, and each time I decided against it. I may still write something with screenshots, but for this story, I probably won’t so I’m glad it works well without them!
      Thank you for reading. Really. Thank you so much.

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      1. Yes, for me, by now, it would break the suspension of disbelief to have screenshots. I love your drawing, though, and as many of those as you felt like including would be lovely! And even leaving it all to our imaginations is lovely, too! 🙂

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  2. First of all, I adore this. And I totally get the fear of sharing your writings. I, too, battle that fear. Do not overly belittle yourself. You, my dear stranger, are a fantastic writer, and I can’t wait to see more!

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  3. I absolutely adore your writing! Your story is both eloquent and funny – you have a brilliant voice, and I kind of love that there are no screenshots 🙂 And you’re very brave to share your writing with all of us – I’ve been writing SimLit for a few years, but I’ve literally only posted two short stories 😅 Onto the next chapter!

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  4. 😮 what made you decide not to include screenshots? Im a visual person. So the idea of not having screenshots never crossed my mind. Also language is never my strong suit. Is the protag male or female or are you keeping it vague for our imagination? 😆

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    1. Hiya, thanks for reading! I had a few reasons for not having screenshots. I believe it was because I was too much of a perfectionist, and also I was pretty new to the sims and was not very well versed in period-appropriate cc. I do regret it sometimes, but I think it was the best decision in the long run. Kinda suits the vibe!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It does! I’ve fallen in love with the vibe. It’s really unique and peaceful 🥰 Lets me construct images that otherwise would’ve been hard to if painted over by game aesthetics. Nothing wrong with it, but very much different with what I’ve come to create in my head now.

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